Wood Stove Repair FAQ

It’s been asked before…

  • Is my old wood stove worth fixing?

    Yes or very likely – sometimes the repair is not cost effective, however, most of the time it is worth fixing especially if you like your stove and it works for you. I can repair it for you….

  • Do you pick up the stove or do I have to deliver the stove to you?

    Both – depends on where you are located the work may be done in my shop or on site. This is a detail we can work out.

  • Will you pick up and deliver?

    Depends where you live – we’ll discuss that when you contact me.

  • Timeframe – how long will it take?

    Most work can be done in a single day – some are long days!

  • How much does it cost to have a wood stove repaired?

    My prices are very reasonable – they depend on the size and location of the job – don’t worry I’ll be fair.

  • Do you have stoves for sale?

    yes – I typically have some great items for sale that I have restored and am looking for new homes.

  • What if I can’t find parts for my wood stove restoration – can you?

    Many parts are still available and I have resources to parts that are not available on the common market.

  • Do you do chimney or masonry repair?

    no – but I can generally refer you to a reputable vendor.

  • Do I need to service my wood stove?

    Possibly Depending on use you should expect to service you wood burning stove approximately every three years.

  • What maintenance services do you provide?

    new gaskets, cleaning, rebuilding, refurbish, reline you wood box

  • Just bought this house can you please take a look at the stove before we burn it?

    Absolutely – consultation services are available

  • We’ve had this old stove for years – is it worth fixing?

    It just might be – that’s why you contact me – I’ll tell you honestly if it is worth it and what it will cost.